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The director calls way:"CUT!Stop!Fatty Zi, pleases the smiling face don't want to be inflexible not very good!Photographer continues!The No.2 machine gives a next audience some lens!"
The program just records and basically have never opened to sow clear falsely forge in the lane, the field next audiences all think:"I didn't give any television report any further the ticket on the hurl message."
The Mu permits ice rain to change good clothing, the broker says:"You invitation the person's person be not blocked present outside?The television station is here as long as time arrives make the other people freely come in and go out."
"Hum, ignore him, who make him be late."Soon come out backstage, and then backed to return to:"Elder sister Yan , you go to a field and outside see for me and have one to wear black frame glasses, the hair is very disorderly, wear not that tidy man, his Xing Chou, alas, separate so long, affirmation have already walked, the television station of very strange blast it."
"Wear a not not that tidy man?See appearance ice rain a little bit like him, however is he for me advise take Mo owner, should also thank him just right."The broker comes out to play to sow hall in quick time.
Only a staff member who guards a door is napping on the aisle, broker Tong Tong this person:"Feed, did you see a man with not whole headgear?"
The door-keeper sees is the broker of big star, television station especially the idea invite to come of, don't dare to neglect:"Have no, have never seen to there isn't whole quasi- headgear."
"Does that have a person to take a honored guest card to come?"
"Have of, isn't that female student?You are to still arrange her to sit at most front row?"
"Oh, there is also also having of a male honored guest card, do you exactly see haven't seen?"
"Just having is a , I told time all so long, make him not enter, he walked."The door-keeper rubs jet black eyes-----He just said of BE"honored guest's card is fantastic!Time has been already led, what persons all disallow to pass!Ice Ms. Yu is that you want to see and then see and want not to see don't see?"Then eyes part got an one punch and almost dashed to pieces head, that person turned round to walk.
The agent is popular to get facial expression very white:"Honored guest's card is very ice the young lady exclusively send to his!Your this idiot."Hurriedly and urgently and in a hurry rush through into an elevator, three men stand etc. is in front of the door elevator, the broker shouts loudly a way:"Mr. Liao!Slowly walk!"
Three men toghter return overdo:"Call me?"A young men, an old headman, a big fatty all unexpectedly Xing Liao, the broker temporarily risks danger:This fatty's generosity of spirit is extraordinary, may be a certain billionaire's childe of ice rain invitation, this old man vision Tan concusses, healthy in old age, perhaps is a martial arts superior, be also likely to be he obstructed Mo owner, ice rain for requiting favors but inviting, this young man ……seem nothing important characteristics, to, he wears black frame glasses, the hair is in great disorder, isn't the headgear whole, it he that still has who?
Come forward a Ye to live to call a way:"Mr. Liao, Mu's permitting a young lady has been being waiting you."
That person is puzzling:"What Mu permit a young lady, I am incognizant."
The broker settles Jing a see:This human face permits ugly, the nose also outside turns over, the eyebrow is inclined to mourn, and how may ice rain invite a person like this?Her in the mind still saved a front line hope and said:"Mr. Liao, you not are to take honored guest's card, say to is to freely invite good friend, the brokers also remember number, as long as see not wrong.
That person stares with the rightness:"Is I it the economic channel that adopt a plait and use what honored guest's card?The young lady definitely mistook one for another."?The chest indeed as expected holds a card card, data every kind is supplied here, name:Liao is strong, section:The economic channel, the job, adopts a plait.
Is alas, Mr. Liao in ice rain heart definitely and early walked, how should give an account with her
On Sunday, Liao learns a soldier to completely throw yesterday's fan club after brain, the telephone invited to close Mu cloud to come out and took him to the nightingale bar.
Leaf small white and south younger brother already at invite good VIP pack wait for many, haven't come in, have a wine spirit to rush toward noodles since then, on the table already heap two dozens of empty beer bottle.
Liao learns a soldier to wonder:Their both the elder brothers is also regarded as amount of sea and have no one at ordinary times 3510 bottles of bottoms go and absolutely drink not to pour.However these two smelly boys are again lending the wine wound the feeling, don't want river's mountain for bedefinitely auty, continuously for a long time hence return get, see to have necessary after the event to do some kind of thoughts to educate a work to them, illustrate gains and losses, make them awakening be.

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