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The leaf small white Han head smiles:"Not the Kui is elder brother Bing ……brilliant, do so."
The south younger brother ponders a short moment, way:"That seeks a big emperor of gold color first, a few days ago we had brothers to once trample a field son, the owner is more incapable, the difficulty isn't high, literally chatted severals in the past, should be able to fix."
Liao learns soldier and pulls over the low voice to the younger brother of south and instructs a way:"You don't want to be eager to showing an identity, disturbed an owner and saw this boy oneself's skill."
The south younger brother makes it lively for a way:"Our artistic skills can have no your benefit Suo, proper restraint not touch ah, have a words way'dead pig not afraid boiled water hot', who know the owner of gold color big emperor is be not 205."
Liao learns a soldier or so deliberate, afraid that the leaf is small white and south the younger brother worry, in case of is surprised, the student folds in the he or she's hand, teacher's career shoulded end in advance and finally could not helped worrying, hence decide to accompany in person.
Hooligan's triumvirate acrosses to sit in seat of honor to ride and takes boundless night view, escorts to close Mu cloud and swift as the wind and lightnings a sort to go to a gold color big emperor.
Gold color the big emperor is all new the street decorate, being a Vinaceous Rosefinch is a lately- opened entertainment area, it is said that that the owner is an other parts of country of an explosion door, have a little money in hand, hear that the Vinaceous Rosefinch street invokes industry more flourishing, decide to radicate here, take this as base, in the days to come at in the sea seek a larger development.
Liao learns a soldier, leaf small white, south 3 younger brothers all wear sunglasses and far and far mourn is closing Mu cloud after death, see pass Mu cloud walk up an information desk, they then find out hall Cape a sofa in the building sit down, leaf small white still with copied by hand this magazine to block face to cover by making.
Close Mu cloud to walk to°from the front door an of information desk this several ten roads, have already done some kind of ideological struggles of vehemences in the heart bottom.Made selection to look like outward appearance the weak stewardess asking for transmitter, path going straight in the past, Zhang Kou already:"Your owner at?"
The stewardess ponders this young man to seek on coming up an owner, 80% wants to come to beat to fold, the affair like this saw many and then smiled should to the way:"You seek an owner dry what, he is in the conference."
Closing Mu cloud not to eat is this set of, the tone not smooth says:"Make him come out for a while, I come to collect a protection fee!"
Imagine the generation of a fair sex have never heard hooligan as well, say white also says, so is a little bit simple and direct.
The stewardess has never listenned to pure him is obedient, ask a way:"What fee?"
Close Mu cloud one word a way:"Protect-protect-fee!"
Stewardess one face is astounded.
Close Mu cloud is from the 夗 in copied the woodpecker penknife that the Mo Chu learned a soldier to borrow there from Liao, put on the table, but marble set the noodles Be too hard to put not to go in, almost handle knob to twist, he also attends to not ascend distress, threat way:"Make a phone call quickly, otherwise my Tong you."
The stewardess has to shine on to do and meticulously dialed a telephone, the voice trembles of towarded a small voice of words tube to say severals.
Not a short moment, shape high thin of man, get five big three thick public security dynasty attendant set the vehemence is since then roaring.Those two public security waists don't also wear a Jing stick and stand at them before the body, fully short a , pass Mu cloud sees heart in a cool.
Stewardess right away only the hospital come out to smell speech towards whispering severals for the man of head, man, the face muscle is tiny to have muscular spasms for a while, but when he turns the vision to the pass Mu cloud body and present a mysterious unfathomable smiling face right away on the face.
That man's shape crueltily conjectured to close Mu cloud several eyes, dynasty he close to an one step and close Mu cloud to then involuntarily retreat an one step.
He stretches hand to point at the nose of closing Mu cloud and loudly drinks a way:"I am this of owner!Little devil, the hairs didn't grow together, should still be studying, collect a protection fee in fact is very dangerous!Take out university diploma again come not late!I see you at ordinary times is isn't that the slice that the Zhong deludes Zi saw many, learn how many movies stage dialogue,

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