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"Uncle Liao, , maybe not should call your uncle, I just heard a summer however the cousin call your teacher, you are their new form masters to?"River rain Xi finally and slowly leads a strength, soft lie on the sofa to ask a way.
The driver says:"Mr. Liao goes to where?"
"Medium sea university."
River rain Xi favour sits to say:"Not not, I temporarily don't want to return to school, can?"
"That turns everywhere."
The driver wonders:"The Gu male few female still has what amendment, was like five Yes to once say of so, I take chemisette for time, which place romance you open where."Turn steer device, the black guest benefit opens toward another direction.
The summer however taps a Wei joss-stick Chun:"They seem to walk wrong direction."The Wei joss-stick Chun maneuvered a feeling field to also have many days, which still doesn't know that Liao learns a soldier to do what good matter, disappointed missingly say:"Do not take care of them, you live where, you send you to return to."
"I call your teacher Liao, not not, calling your Liao's eldest brother can?"River rain Xi lightly says.
"Okay, that I hereafter also call your inch younger sister Xi."Finish saying Liao learns soldier's in the mind to sigh in sorrow at the same time:"Did the generation feeling saint finally degenerate to want to depend a material condition attraction chemisette situation?"
Open an ice cabinet to take out beer, Mo Lao Wu was a big owner to still keep changing not to drop the old habit for drinking, luckily his personal status is lowly, otherwise Lao Tze's also drinking don't spoil red wine and others head horse, "want to drink what oneself take, however I estimate to have no light beverage, does the beer want to drink?"Draw back jar, the thin yellow liquid sprays to flow out but, splashed him full head full face.
River rain Xi sees him distress, the Yan mouth lightly smiles, this smiling face sincerity but without affectation, it is very captivating to pour.
Find out a towel to wipe a clean head face, the Peng disorderly hair bedewed water, once the finger row to pull and immediately follow to fluently keep being stuck to back of the head, aglow with health, was like to become individual.
River rain Xi hard looking at him to say:"Originally you aren't old at all, the person is still so handsome, all quick peter last cypress You city.Is you usually slovenly and untidy, scare other people?If remain like this, don't know how much female kid make track for you."
"Ha ha, wanted to be my girl friend?"Liao learned soldier to pass a bottle of beer for her.
"Think, do you want me?"The tone for playing trick, in the eye but have one silk expectation.
"The driver turns a head and arrives Tong city hotel to go."Liao learns a soldier to call a way.
River rain Xi pushed to push him:"You why?"
Liao learns soldier Yin to smile not only:"Still ability what?Open building to make love."
River rain Xi got a fright:"Do not go!You man's in the mind think this kind of thing for."
The driver didn't manage a region in China, heart way:"Last time five Ye bubble the girl is to like this play trick with that woman, result I arrive hotel that woman die live Be not willing to go to bed, finally harm me be scolded by five Yes.Still shine on original kind where romance leave where."
Gradually hear Hua Hua continuous and never-failing big wave voice, the car has already arrived the sea beach out of more than 30 kilometers.
Many clocks at 10:00 p.m., is exactly rise tide cent, a wave immediately after a wave flow out toward the near the bank, the threatening force is astonishing, very the sea level of distance can see dark red shimmer, that the last remaining that is the sun to westward sink to fall gradually there is the path to be provided for visitor to run about on Ren of dike dam only, follow the road is low to shortly approach blasted flower bush, the street lamp receives Long of bright.
"Rain Xi, let's rain to walk."Liao learns a soldier not to lose an opportune moment proposal way, fee along while effort, time should be a harvest.
River rain Xi is having this idea, take off shoes to in front jump down a car, the barefoot steps on soft sandy beach and opens the sea breeze that the hands head for salty Xing to yell:"The quite a few month didn't come to the seaside, the felling was really good!"
Liao learned a soldier to send a smoke to the driver way:"The teacher was up the importance time that I break vegetarian fast tonight, bothered you."Also follow to jump in the sandy beach, although still five the dollars are "river water",the driver is overwhelmed by special favor, ordering of beautiful Zi Zi since took out an one mouthful, sighed a way:"Elder brother Bing passes of smoke, the mental felling is different, stiller strong than cigar flavor."
Sea beach already utter darkness one, all depending weak street lamp ray of light in the distance just can force to see, river rain Xi starts to pull Liao to learn a soldier to run to the seaside and can be hurtled by ice-cold wave instep.

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