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compartment like the cubicle of sweet, the sofa spreads to open and became a small bed, a hug him.River Yu Xi thinks old Liao suddenly beastliness greatly hair, anxious struggle, the momentary car internal water bead splashes indiscriminately.Old Liao is dark to scold:"When girl arrives topped square hate little, connect down to use where recruited to forget quickly, another day get Mu to permit ice rain to inquire into a study, seek a female neighbor research research, seek small and blue fall practice to practice."Think of to want Yao in television drama be on recording to deeply kiss, the absolute feeling of leading lady moves.
Hence the axe kisses river rain Xi, indeed as expected!People of the past be the truth that practice to tally up also wrong after hundred million time?"Wu ……" river rain Xi is gradual calmness come down, no longer move indiscriminately, the breath started becoming urgent, obviously was adrenaline acceleration to secrete.
The tongue wrings to tie up, in the fine felling, her brain one empty, even if old Liao nothing important technique, but and a man's kiss that shivers a felling, still like disease if inebriate, can not but carry on.
Led a short while, river rain Xi face tide is red, eyes waterily and soon the drop come out, the moist lips are tiny to open, beautiful must make people infatuate with.
Liao learns soldier's way:"Poet in thou Rome says.'Kiss is the grass field that is filled with fresh flowers in summer'the Shakespeare say'kiss is lovingly seal to print', rain Xi, let's still change clothes together."Front a greatly hair, empress a then immediately change matchless float to concuss.
Since the river rain Xi feeling moves, but not strong pack awkward and shy, dynasty he once the Ying Ying smile and throw a seductive eyes and draw back zipper, in addition to the coat of bottom dripping wet, in is a floral small T-shirt, be beaten by water wet all be stained with on the body, the curve finishes a dew.
"Come, relax, see you so nervous, the eldest brother does a good matter and change clothes for you."Say on the old Liao's mouth, don't wait a river rain Xi promise and have already stretched hand to pass by to take off her T-shirt, remains a brassiere!Remains a brassiere!The skin is smooth like the Ning fat, takes a young girl to only just have delicate and redly, breast just right be wrapped up by the brassiere, go together with to ascend her direction of wind mark to at the right moment be rated as perfect.
"Yi, your milk sub- beginning is very good, in fact I teach in the school of is a human body physiology, take advantage o this opportunity to review homework well with you."Old Liao says very seriously, the monster clime to the chest of rain Xi of river.
River rain Xi leads Tu Men but greatly chews thin if the gnat shouts:"Eldest brother, your quality ……" Ying Ning is 1, depend to ascend his shoulders.
Don't realize mistake how long as well, pare off the clear night sky of southeast breeze to suddenly rain to have a Xi Xi Li heavy rain of the Li, the knock takes over a pole in the car compartment of rhythm, to the utmost wash clamoring of daytime fickleness.
River rain Xi lies before Liao learns the chest of the soldier:"The finger draws circlet on his belly:"Eldest brother, we encore not very good?"
Again the sexual intercourse tidies up battlefield later on, the clothes also did quickly and made a phone call to invoke driver.
"Liao's eldest brother, you are a teacher in the tulip senior high school and how can buy a so good car."
Liao learns a soldier to speak without fear:"I am just a car that is poor to teach to have fart, run that person to borrow of, he is richer."
River rain Xi has no again say what.
Continue Die Lin after, the river's the breast half of rain Xi's hour's driver just comes leisurely.
The guest benefit arrives medium sea university the doorway is already many at 1:00 A.M., ten thousand Suis accompany Ji, the night sinks like water, only autumn cricket still just the corner of wall sing desolate song.
Old Liao is unwilling to part, pull her hand to say under the tree of doorway in the school:"Rain Xi, I tomorrow release from school to come right away to seek you not very good?"
River rain Xi ponders half to ring and finally raises head to hard looking at him:"Liao's eldest brother, our predestination stop here."
"What?"Old Liao surface equanimity, exert inside but isn't a taste, just tied up Mian near after, you such apathy, too inconsiderate.
"I know that I am greedy for Mu vainglory, but I combine to go to excessively pursue, I also want to marry a rich man, but I always that however is a vain dream just, I also want to seek one ten thousand many heros of admiration do boyfriend, although that viewpoint is very silly ……"

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