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flame has been already put out at the moment.
The car drives very far, on the big banyan according to sparse still stand personal shadow.
"Mr. Liao, how is taste?"The driver asks.
"O.K.."Old Liao is absent-minded.
"If you are afraid she entwines you, can seek some female students who play an one night stand, those students thought very liberal of, the nothing important can not accept."
Liao learns a soldier to suddenly realize mistake:"One night stand?Kui I am still deeply concerned at heart, originally the young man spreads this, was free Piao once.Hereafter lend several more of Mo Lao Wu's car the female student who seduces that kind of to open, finish eating to wipe a mouth to walk, need not burden responsibility is a cheapest good matter.Too like, I finally play last one night stand, I have already become the feeling saint of the name matches the reality!President, the cypress Zi, the old, all comes to seek me, I can't let what you disappoint!"
Returning to funeral affairs in the school to work is numerous, forgot this matter gradually, however suppress sensual passion to suddenly break vegetarian fast after several years, sexual passion as if the yellow river overflow rampant, now of he sees the female senior high school students of youth alacrity will can not control feelings to swallow saliva.
"Teacher Liao, that evening and my cousin how?Should teach me how to become strong?"The noon coffee break of several days empress, the summer however and again slips away into office.
Liao learns a soldier light way:"Just ate a midnight snack together, had already sent her to return to school afterwards."
The summer is however malicious malicious a pound office desk:"The too not enough meaning of my cousin!"
"To, teach you severals how to deal with to humiliate your the person should say of words."Old Liao makes an effort to hold tight his shoulder way:"If someone thus to you, how should you do?"
The summer however sighs a way:"Return ability how do?I usually say that pass me, beg you, Rao I, if that person was kinder, he no longer entwined me, if a little bit brutishly starting will be also lightly a lot of."
Liao learns a soldier to take a pencil item to say in his waist:"Take all of your pocket moneys to me----How do you respond again if someone asks you to want money like this?"
The summer however turns over cold stare:"E, I say, I this month the pocket money be all received a soldier take light, remained 10 pieces, give you 8 piece, also stay 2 pieces go by car for me, if receive a soldier to ask me, I change into a leaf jade tiger."
Liao learns a soldier to have no language a short moment and asks a way:"If someone puts a rat in your lunch box and stick glue on your chair, or is just still a sun beautiful Fang in Europe your locust pest top, how do you do?"
"Put a rat to is a restaurant to call again 1, be stained with the words of glue to change a pair of pants, write nothing, anyway I don't wear shorts, the other people could not see."Summer however the truth actually say.
Last long of sigh ……"thus, I teach you how to speak a few lines first and anywhere speak at any time and wants a practice for each every second and do after the half month I then teach you how to do a reaction to the other people's challenging."
"What rubbish?Back thou text?I see recently 《thou text view 》 see head good pain."
Liao learns a soldier to shake:"Be not, you listenned to good, a few word phrases and short sentence were just:Hold!Roll!Garbage!You***!Do you eat excrement Fei?Doesn't the letter believe me to beat you?Did you get fed up with living?……Today remembers this first several, in addition to parents, teacher, outside of school personnel, for example store sales clerk what of, there is also more friendly classmate, other call, no matter what person ask you you, touch you, you use this severals to send greetings to him."
"This ……this not gutter language?The school forbids to say gutter language."Summer however the bitterness wear face way.
"Shine on what teacher said to do, loudly repeat 1 time."
Ring out the Si dint shouting of Xin in office:"**Your mama!Roll your mother!Did you get fed up with living?"The voice wears a wall and infuses full whole building way.
The down stairs passes by of a few faculty and staffs Be all surprised to mutually hope:"Chiu's director is truly marvelous, lunch break still is educating students, respect-work, be really make people respect and admire too much."

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