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A set the second, football is five classes of for lately expensive two years, Qing city commander in chief elder brother, the cheap nephew of old Liao Mo the Tai always lift to be head coach in person, a few games only cherish to hurt by a grain of point 琺 easily crush enemy resistance a class of during three years, the member hurts glory still, five it mutually show mountain dew gradually.
B set the first is six classes of for new-born year, boy's number is numerous.There are small parts of persons that is rise to come up in the same junior high school, and is all junior high school brigade main force in the school, obtain the group first in the feeling in the reason.
D set the first is 1 class for two years, the group of the league match accumulated to sweep mat bottom last year, incredibly come to turn over dish this year, take a wide view three games, their real strenght was strong, the technique is outstanding, anything but control breath to, be called a black horse, have already challenged unclearly a class of for three years of real strenght.
The most funny is still a c set first on the Re, so-called death class through two next two, went out to trample to steep big dog's dung to also have no them so in fortune lap.On all stands three fish Nan troops, their opponents are generally accepted weaks.For example bookworm class three years 5 class;Whole class boy's number only has 10 people's four classes of etc.s in a year.Even if under the greatly good situation like this, they put together to make an effort and beat very difficultly, also just two even on winning to accumulate five to divide, force the line let the audience laugh heartily just.
Eight strong to the forms is as follows:
A set first, win a champion a class of for three years to c set in the second place is 6 classes for pink army corps two years.
B set first, the super new talent is six classes of for a year in the second place is to the d sets, are 4 classes for three years.
C set first, the dog's dung carries medium great king two classes of for two years to a set in the second place is 5 classes for Mo Shuo's brigade two years.
D set first, black Ma Er Nian is a class of in the second place is to the b sets, three league matches all hurtle ascend four strong troops in the Hao doors are 4 classes for three years.
The whole real strenght is stronger be is grade two, eight strong had 甽 of seat, grade two don't test Gao of urgent, have no beginning to enter school of crude, mix at school like fish let into water of time .
This to appearance to two years 2 class to say to calculate up very rigorously, their first opponent is a cheap nephew Mo the Tai always teach of 5 classes are in two years.Old Liao once sees Mo always Tai several fields a game, one of his style extremely strong, offensive relentless, the arrogant is hundred percent, like ground the combat Zhe for going forward courageously one of his opponent, unusually lucky old Liao covered up foreshadowing, provocation Mo the Tai always kill wound military tactics to three years a class of use, Be a class of to appear list to see for three years from the this day, they were in need of two main great commanders.
Being bright is again a quite afternoon, these three years 1 class to fight six classes of games for two years, audience huge crowd of football field, many bookworms who often sink in the classroom year the four seasons rush through come, the students who all did a foreign language in the foreign language Cape this time formely stand on the grandstand to use English loudly disease shouted, liked to sleep the truancies superman in afternoon to early rise early from the noon bed, the slovenly and untidy boy wears orderliness and dress oil only all over the face, in the exciting confabulation, everybody points a point.
The male of the audiences is many female little, what they expected not is game oneself, but a class of three years beauty cheer section and whole class only have ten boys, 6 classes of surplus 30 present in addition oils to girl are in two years.These two girl's levels of classes are whole schools tallest of, at the same time take together and together, the colorful skirt is a full sky of to fly, as if to the boys sense of vision prosperous meal.
Liao learns a soldier to early and early receive news and give up at the central fountain slope lawn seduce Li Xing Hua's opportunity.Enter in the football field just discover that Li Xing Hua luckily don't go to slope lawn among the cheer section, otherwise can be silly of sleeping.
It has been several minutes, He Xins since game startsed, the bear dollar isn't all negative to is heavy to hope, strong intention to murder in the dint school is like a set to never stop, strangle opponent at the foot.However allow how they work harder the performance, can't have too many person's concern, either, everyone throws vision a member toward the beauty cheerleader squad, the flash light keeps ringing and estimates that tomorrow's campus forum full general will have manies to keep

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