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The day before yesterday kicked quite goodly, Li Qian ask you to amuse at the bar?However today have no additional reward, because again lead one over-courteous do obeisance will examine, wait just finish testing behind spend a holiday and arrive southernly a few islands up to the island, there a temperature is still more than 30 degrees."
Need not Liao learned soldiers to introduce more, the auto presented subtropics island scene in the public brain, silverily the sea water of sea beach and deep blue, verdant of palm tree Tong tree most important of BE, 26 female classmate everyones are all dressed in the time of Bikini swimwear ……only want will flow nosebleed.
Originally be supported completely in Li Yu whom Liao learned soldier firm advocator, Gao Ju hands way:"We will definitely good good examination, the sea beach spends a holiday had to go."Cui government's early seeing this guy isn't a good person, sneer way:"Does the teacher definitely promise that examining result among them is quite good and then spends a holiday."
"Like, now the lord have no with, let us in a couple of days wait and see."
Chen You Nian just stood down a stairs article, suddenly the back of the head spreads a burst of cool idea, was carefully a wisp of furious wind to pare off hair to get up.Is close behind, ear Weng of a , back of the head acute pain, lost consciousness.
He slowly opens eyes and discovers that the body is placed in a stairs the athletics room of the neighborhood, hands drive anti- shear to bind in carrying on the shoulder list, back of the head often spread piercing, need not intentionally touch to knock and break, as long as the breath is made an effort to affect a muscle, will be painful two eyes become numb.
After ending, soccer cup finals' overwhelming majority the classmate have already left a school, on all sides quietness one, more can't someone arrive at ordinary times not noisy athletics room.
"Da", the light is getting brighter, Chen You Nian sees in the moment appear three people, not from call a way:"Feed, what do you exactly want to do?I didn't give offense to you again.Twist body, but anyway the Zheng don't open a rope.
The Mu permits blue fall, Chen Zhi Hui, moxa the purple Ying smile happily ground to looking at him, the Mu permits blue fall to flick baseball bat to say in the hand:"You didn't give offense to me, but you gave offense to teacher Liao.
"The Is, I just can not get use to teacher Liao, that looks and close you what matter?Chen You Nian was suddenly realize originally and just assaulted by them in the stairs, but another the larger question also rise from the heart:"The Mu permits blue fall why change sides in war mutually to?
Chen Zhi Hui's ear fills a walkman, to their dialogue Hun if don't feel, however looking at this leisurely and carefree the power is probably also one of accomplices.
"See an at the classmate up, as long as you hereafter has no objection to teacher Liao, I put you, how?Spoony Zi?The Mu permits blue fall to smile to sing ground to looking at him.
The situation is stronger than person, Chen You Nian is helpless to accept defeat:"This heel of teacher Liao you exactly what relate to.Protect so him?
The Mu permits blue fall a club to knock the ground is at the steel pipe Han single Du up, the immediately a burst of Weng blares, Chen You Nian is shaken the brains hair rise.
"Bothersome fart!You say your one it's sissy, why old want to can not pass with teacher Liao?
She just and overbearingly shouts, the telephone Qian rang and pressed a key to connect to listen to and immediately changed a gentleness matchless, the Dia must let public sour voice:", Does the door waits me at the school?I am just chatting with classmate, right away past.
Let go of telephone to say to two girls:"He calls I, you help me first whole cure the whole this bastard of Chen You Nian of curing, dare bicker with teacher Liao in the classroom, Be different from too much."
A "he" word is used very ambiguity, Chen Zhi Hui, moxa purple Yings all know the close friend in the Run of her worry and say with smile:"Okay, you leave.
Chen You Nian apprehensives not certain:"Does the Mu permit to exactly make what airplane?
After finishing eating supper, the Mu permits blue the park falling Chi to wear old Liao to want him to go to Vinaceous Rosefinch bridge together take a walk and once envied in childhood of be under the setting sun of sweet, those the three people's house slowly wandered about unhurriedly in the park, the child was very naughty to run about aimlessly everywhere, the kindly father feared a kid to have what dangerous, tightly followed behind.

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