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The old Sa didn't invoke guest benefit driver again, now not just show off of time, ride Hally to arrive to the jade Yu Qiong building.
"Little soldier.Is an at the same time is a good matter is also the news of bad matter to disrupt all steps that I set out, the underground brawl match is forced to cancel."Mo Lao Wu carries hands to walk around before candlestick, the worry is heavy.
Liao learns a soldier to picked up a lobster to tear off hard shell to extrude fresh delicate white meat to put into a mouth. listen to this words can not help for of a stare blankly:"Is a Yu orchid basin will advance beginning."
Mo Lao Wu is more shocked than him:"I just get a ground of news from the secret outlet 15 minutes ago, the whole inside sea knows the person of this news not over 15, you are just indeed as expected an individual, incredibly from my guessed out in words.Don't do some kind of important events by your practical ability are really regrettable.
Once old Liao leap three Chinese foot Gaos and start to grasp shrimp dynasty his face up throw to go, Nu way:"Indeed as expected not I anticipate, you combine never thought that spirit with Long Er's it contend for, afraid of Yu orchid basin will that quota is that you mutually want.Otherwise a 20 several a cuckold husbands of year agos do you why the need for want to be complicated so in the fee?
Although be splashed one face juice water.Mo Lao Wu is surprising don't counter-attack.Once connected shrimp to strip from to keep on eating, said:"Originally didn't want to deceive you, since the Yu orchid basin will have already advanced beginning and engage in fisticuffs a match to also lose this real meaning, I want to ask you to help me to promise that quota now, if make Long Er get hold of, I leave dead also about far.
"You last he up still not all similar?H'm, all similar to me, the key is my nothing important ability now, can not help you too many, that guest benefit you take return to, I didn't want, nothing important special meaning, one struggles on-line ground of at Wen Bao poor man, is give he one break a car or give him a bowl of big rice to get true, you said by yourself.
Mo Lao Wu sighed tone:"I know that you don't really think with me at the same on-line, however I have inside story, you definitely really want to take part in of, each Yu orchid basin
Will have a new subject and carry on a new benefits allotment, certainly, the strong is, the whose influence is more big, who probably get at most, Yu orchid basin
The meeting is able to be used to check and balance some influences, but after all isn't very absolute, at occasionally of time, it will be also controled by some persons.
"This I know, what is your meaning ?Still have, this reserved box Anne's insecurity, if don't want to lift this topic, should change a place just to?
"My Mo Lao Wu is very careful, at every step skate over thin ice just and walk till today this situation, how can and carelessly.You trust like, absolutely safely.Continue. don't be excited, tell you a fact, this year's Yu orchid basin will be in the middle, the Ji text livinged to also acquire a nomination, he was a showbiz field big crocodile, the under charge amused the quota of media company to at least take up 1/3 of the national market.With this person ground personality.if make him formally get into a parliament, win all stars of sea City and amuse companies to all want to really shuffle cards at a time.You try very hard to to protect that day of ice Ms. Yu.unless leave medium sea, otherwise definitely escaped his poisonous hand not.Don't see these stars tremendous all over the face on the satge, the myriad people admires and respects, in fact, they can not even control own destinies."
Liao learns a soldier a surprised:"Is old five.you this words whether too startling statement creates a sensation?
"Anyone, as long as he controled a certain profession, he was the emperor of that profession, for example entertainment industry, the investment of this several in the last yearses made kidney white, this item and once got in touch with many stars and relatively understood inside stories in it and was like we mix a mafia of similar, who think at west the city put fart, also the important business advertises for first I of approval, otherwise just play very small will also let his nervous breakdown, want to open company?Good.come a harassment every day.does your business return how to do?Want to fall in love?Go.that girl's waiting be raped by turn.Same truth, completely similar in the show biz.the nobody dare to seek you to clap an advertisement, the nobody seeks you to shoot a movie. you's record, be have no the company dare to publish.

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