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"Why didn't feel?The cypress You city is a good person which, he humor, docile, philanthropic-minded, grow quite good, money is also many, how much young girl emulate and marry him, how much lady Lun wear want to wrap to keep him.At cross for several decades hereafter.you will definitely regret at the beginning why have no Shao to promise the request of the city of cypress You.
The Mu permits ice rain really unbearable, loudly way:"Enough, do I how can like a man who doesn't have man's flavor?Don't see him cold in holding silver, cruel, morally upright, loyalty what images all have, but true of he is very timid, indecisive, who will like so the man of personality space?"
", Understand, my discovering recently I was always wishful, you hold on a moment, I soon arrive to a purple Jing flower road, don't take cypress Zi be.
Re- light fire to launch, whisper a way:"The Mu permits ice rain to invite me to drink coffee, exactly what attempt?Is a big star, should be impossibly so at leisure just right.
In fact the Mu permits ice rain to think that the good good will thanks him, it directly gives money too tiresome, he isn't willing to want, either, and cans rise with even owner of Mo even sit, perhaps some background, also rather drink cup coffee together, promote comity, hereafter meet to also talk.
Starbucks of the night forbids large guest in the branch of Jing flower not that many, Liao learns soldier Diao the smoke swagger walk into a store, see the Mu permit ice rain to sit at face a window of corner, but she nearby and unexpectedly is Mo always Tai.
Old Liao's facial expression changed on the spot.You does this make a special trip to thank me to still intentionally come to demonstrate?BE a person not ability shameless arrive this situation?He makes a pretense of what didn't see generally.as if nothing has occurred walk to.pour and see your two dog men and women to play ground what cheap trick.
Hang the attendant of pale green color apron type uniform to stop his one among the behavior, the soft voice says:"Sir.Would you mind destroying a cigarette?You will influence other guests so.
Liao learns soldier at his chest according to extinguish cigarette butt, say:"It is ashamed."
The attendant sees this person seem some quick temper, not dare to argue, though the customer is previously wrong, he also not ability theory, otherwise beg for to return to justice, the owner will also stir-fry he or she's squid.
Liao learns a soldier dynasty 2 people up and down conjecture, Mo the Tai is always transfering the biggest brain cell absolute being light.permit ice rain to say a school to the Mu inside of smile Ji.A close by Mu permits the spare time chair of ice rain up put a bunch of fresh flowers.very obviously, the fresh flowers is always Mo Tai to dedicate ground.It is learning to make track for Su in skill ice cloud. make track for Mu to permit rain in the outside.The energy is prosperous.
Old Liao at the right moment hears this Gua:"Ha ha, the football league match of our school just ended.Although we class already the path make great effort,still tell by bad penny negative, almost get hold of a champion."
Mo the Tai always doesn't take one silk surplus facial expression, seem to be still is feeling sorry for for he doing not come to hand of champion.
Mama ah.this boy be incredibly steeped a girl by large talk. they class fiasco at our class foot.connect four strong didn't enter, somehow you change a Gua.
Don't know that the Mu permitted ice rain to find his looks or uninterested football, just act with dignity of smile don't take a chamber.
Liao learns a soldier to walk to them to suddenly cough 1 before the table and sink to immerse in the middle of indulging in self-delusion of Mo the Tai always raise head and look and almost frighten scare to death, the truth of football but control in front, this man's hand in, as long as being revealed lies by him, later lift not and at first.
"Mr. Liao came and wanted to drink a point what?The Mu permits ice rain to see he come, favour exhibition Yan a smile.
"This Caramel Macchiatto is what things, can't be what cake dessert, come to 1 for me.Liao learns a soldier to point at menu the top the very weird place name said to him, a little bit confused 1.
Mo always although Tai just in shame, see Liao learn a soldier thus stupid fall behind, or cannot help but showing off some kind of:"The canameemagchiatto is the name of Macchiato, Canamee is the meaning of English inside caramel, while the magchiatto is in the Italian BE'print to record, branding'of meaning.Elfevident, it place name word the Caramel Macchiatto symbolize sweet and print to record, Macchiatto coffee is 1 kind of milk coffee, it is to mix milk and vanilla syrup first behind again join milk Mo, then pour into coffee, finally sprinkle the space-like in shape caramel of getting to the Internet on the milk Mo.

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