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Mo always Tai not the Kui is a flower bush experienced person, set up for have no matter person, say with smile:"In fact is teacher Liao exactly our champion of football in the school league match and haven't come yet and say to you congratulation, he pours not afraid the lies be revealed, in case of dispute, 2 people are each to keep one phrase, oneself still has 100 to divide 50 calculate, Mu's permitting ice rain isn't likely to take that time begs a certificate at the tulip senior high school, even if she really saw, that also explains that she cares himself/herself very much, the flower this time idea is still very worth.
"The Mu permits a young lady to dress today really beautiful ……" Liao learns a soldier to smile great 1 of Kua and draws back a chair to sit down.
The Mu permits ice rain at heart a pleased:This guy said sentence person's words on the whole.Just wanted to say a thanks, Liao learned a soldier and connected a people's way:"However you 1 sell to sing ground and dress so beautiful is also should."
Mu's permitting ice rain is choked could not say words.Say to invite me to come out to mean a with gratitude, it happened that took an individual, isn't your boyfriend for the time being in spite of, first attitude very worth doubt, satirize severals return be regarded as light.
Mo the Tai always still see for the first time someone permit ice rain to speak bluntly so to the Mu. connect his father, Mo Lao Wu, still have to guest does the polite spirit call ice Ms. Yu.
Several people are silent language not.still the Mu permits ice rain to open a words head first:"Very thankful Mr. Liao used great strength to support last time. if you from now on have what difficulty, I would help yours."
"It is just little effort, don't need to be very kind."
Mo always Tai strange way:"What matter, how ice haven't Ms. Yu said to me?
Liao learns a soldier sneer way:"Your father, Mo Lao Wu, for the sake of the development kidney platinum business, so invited ice Ms. Yu to help.He the way Mu permit ice rain not to know Mu always Tai relationship with Mo Lao Wu, fear the bad person of quilt cheated and borrowed past order.
"It is so.Ice Ms. Yu is really ashamed, my father brings harassment to you ……alas, I can not obstruct him, in fact I leave a house already for a long time.Mo the Tai always set aside a relationship with Mo Lao Wu right away.
Liao learns soldier's one mouthful to drink off clean Caramel Macchiatto to say:"Now that you have already meant thankful, I once drank coffee as well, that didn't bother you and took leave first.
", Etc., Mr. Liao!The Mu permits ice rain to hurriedly stand up, "in fact I with Mr. Mo Lao also just fortune upon ……if you at the right moment nothing important matter, I want to have a chat with you.
Liao learns a soldier interrogative ground at Mo the Tai body is always a return tour, originally and just misunderstood, this boy is definitely is according to previously steeping a girl old method, follow Mu to permit the movements of ice rain, with his Mo Jia's influence, do the small matter like this see not just and very easily the target appear Starbucks and buy a flower to rush through right away and make a pretense of to fortune upon, he since thick face, the Mu permits ice rain to suggest several times, also take him have no way.
For example both parties are should be old to know, saw want to say "hello" naturally, the Mu permits ice rain to want ~only a to say:"I am waiting a person, the other party is general and then will embrace a Qian to leave, can not always Tai originally be strive for to settle to and then move, straight-tempered sit down and she warm confabulation, always can not deliver words to rush through a person this time.
"Good you Mo Lao Wu's green son Mao, although the Mu permits ice rain isn't one of my three cents, ground, also permit not to get you to want to come to come right away to want to walk and then walk."Is at that moment cold to say:"Teacher Mo, you still don't return to school to seek Su ice cloud chat and otherwise lost but want to implement commitment when the time comes.
The Mu permits ice rain to say with smile:"What commitment does Mr. Mo still have?"
Liao learns a soldier root need not care image, right away say:", I and he is making a bet to pursue a female kid, see whose magic power bigger.
Be used as a woman who has sense of pride, hate bitterly most nothing is better than to become the object that the man makes a bet but lack self-knowledge at oneself, the Mu permits ice rain not to know camouflage. the facial expression is cold to come down, say right away:"You ……incredibly take other people to make a bet, is easy to have fun?Is very funny?If you really caught up that female kid, be known by her.is she not very sad?Use a girl sincerely to come to embody you that kind of doesn't know so-called magic power, do you still have conscience?"
This a moment Mo the Tai always really hated to kill old Liao, having never thought him canned shameless to this kind of situation, it make people clap Ma Nan and.

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