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he have already really regretted today's reckless activity.Quickly distinguish a way:"Ice Ms. Yu, in fact we make a bet ……" his originally meaning to say is old Liao in the blah, can words make reference to half.old Liao interrupt him immediately after way:"In fact I don't think as well of, teacher Mo claps a chest to mean that his magic power is good enough to conquer any women to me again and again.Is alas, I promise to return to promise the bet that he suggests, but I have been wanting that the girl that see that wager reports a letter. let her carefully be covered with the animals of person's skin."
Old Liao righteously, on the face like cover the shining glory of one regiment sanctity.
2 people an enter with swords unsheathed and bows drawn, Liao's learning a soldier is exactly since then the guest whom the Mu permits ice rain invitation, even if she is two to all not too believe, or choose toward old Liao, aim at pike head Mo always Tai, say:"Mr. Mo, is feelings that plays with other people very interesting?"
Liao learned soldier's ten that fresh flowers Dans Dan top the dust of the basic nonentity:"Alas!, very beautiful flower, is Mr. Mo sends of?Mr. Mo is really good at to beg for a person to like, however this time should be what person to make a bet?"
"What?Liao learns a soldier, you don't want a confused Wu Mie good person!I am to by chance pass by and see ice Ms. Yu also here, just come in a dozen of voices to receive."
"By chance pass by?How can and in time and actually buy a flower?Mr. Mo, you can't be send a person to follow ice Ms. Yu?"
"This ……how can?My Mo the Tai always never does that kind of ungrateful act."
"Since just by chance pass by, that Mo the Sir should still need to do a lot of matters, we also inconvenience stay a long while, you still quickly go home to embrace a wife to take a kid."
"You ……I the Gu body have been one person up to now, what come of wife?"
The Mu permits ice rain to also say:"Yes, Mr. Mo must be very busy, I didn't bother you."
Mo the Tai is always helpless, stand to start leave-taking, say:"Ice Ms. Yu, I have some a small matter and arrange next time, I invite you to have a meal.Still have inviting you don't think of teacher Liao of what outright lies, he always likes to aim at me."
Wait Mo always after Tai walk, Liao learn a soldier and called one cup Caramel Macchiatto, use to put tube to stir a butter foam to say:"Luckily you are to intentionally call Mo the Tai always accompany at nearby to I demonstrate, otherwise ……"
"Otherwise how?You can't be want to make me return your 100 pieceses?"
"Nothing important."Liao learns a soldier to originally intend to speak the matter that the Ji text livings and wanted to want to still have no this necessity, otherwise the other party will see is threatenning her.For no reason carry to waste to do mean person.
"Carefully!"The Mu permits ice rain to suddenly spring up and takes table to turn over, coffee spills but.It is close behind.One of bang is huge to ring, the whole piece of steel turns a glass wall toghter broken up, his rib department irritable pain.
For an instant, the anything that vanishes' glass wall hits in the ground, the broken glass residue son Hua Hua cover with but rise, is like the waterfalls that drops into from nine days, splash to get all of places BE, play on the body as if be played bow gunning general, even Be blunt to open a few nearby tables.
Sees on a car bottom of Starbucks outside road emit smoke to drive away.
Someone assaults!Liao learns a soldier every where on sweeping, the store inside is already in confusion.The salesclerk is taken by surprise not certain, the Mu permits ice rain to then by hand protect a face.He just the assurance raid have been already ended, just thinking rode bike make track for go, again is a gun ring, shoot medium stop the Hally motorcycle outside the door fuel tank, Mao!The broken up metal slice Kobe beef row flies to, wildfire blunt sky, reflect bright half street, the pedestrian halts enough to hesitate in succession.
Old Liao's rib department and bullet mutually wipe but lead, the flesh turns over to open.Form a sink mark, irritable painful, he cans not considers of to shriek with pain and rushes out a store outside, that outward appearance's very commonly speeding has already disappeared in the deeply night view.
The salesclerk just just came over from the stagnant condition instauration and hurriedly dialed police's telephone.Here although isn't very noisy, can pedestrian but also many, just of a short moment, the person who outside came together a to greatly join a crowd for fun in Starbucks door.
Who?Who want to kill me?Is too damned.I already not at Yu orchid basin meeting, in reason didn't threaten to them, but, my car!My steak!
A top-class Hally, also not enough[one] month, turns eye incineration in the wildfire, Liao learns soldier's desire to cry to have no tears.

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