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Is local the time in China, he twice meets gene cutthroat.This is attacked, is all with Yan several relevant.And the Yan house has a connection, leaf autumn still have to further of identification.
But, obviously there is white man in today's few black dress persons.And the world rank there is also gene cutthroat in NUMBERRONE of the cutthroat organization of the first.The leaf needs autumn this both to classify to open.
Who leak of excrement, will seek who come to wipe**.
Oneself can't wrong innocence, but can't pass a murderer, either.
"Kill clean they."This is the viewpoint of leaf autumn.These people are nearby turning around of, opportunity to seek to you come a while, still make people disgusted and tired of than the fly mosquito.
Leaf autumn of cruel, on the contrary stired up from Ji's man inside of overbearing pride.Just leaf the autumn speeched so much with him of time, he would like to also and this oneself esteem highly of the opponent say two words.His left hand arm is whole to split now, afraid is conjunctions can't connect.Ache awl heart, but he would not liked to take again to manage a leaf for autumn.
The feet of leaf autumn lift up this time and hang at from the right hand arm of Ji's man top, say:"You ground the marksmanship is quite good, should was bitter to do for many years?If I use the hand of gun to you and trample and break, would be not too regrettable some?"
It is ruthlessly had muscular spasms several bottoms by the heart of Ji's man, but still keep stubbornly and tightly biting lips.
"Really no longer consider consideration?"The autumn of the leaf again asks a way.
It be crueltily stared leaf's one eye for autumn by Ji's man, still would not like to speak up.
Ka Ca!
Again making an effort is echoed by the right hand arm of Ji's man but breaks.
"Killed me."From Ji's man indignantly the Si roar.
Don't know how of, already withered eye socket unexpectedly run off tears.He thinks that oneself has already so lost ground function.
It Be getting over.Is all over.
Several years of diligent bitterness fixs, the ash flies smoke to have no for an instant here.
The tears of cutthroat?
Leaf autumn center of earth inside a surprised, foolishly looking at eye water to follow cheeks slide of from Ji's man.
They can own today's position, is also pay to lead toil and sweat ground.The leaf walking from the same road autumn, understand very much he the mood at this time.
However, the heart of leaf autumn soon again determined down.
He is a cutthroat, walk to go into this road up for a ground of time at him, should understand will have today end like this.
If is oneself to fall into his hand, he will don't hestitate of shoot to kill he.
Sympathizing with a cutthroat is to his indignity.
The leaf looking at autumn from Ji's mans and says:"Originally, I still have other methods to get me to want a ground of news.However, I suddenly had no interest like this.You are a superior, I admire your ground marksmanship and independence character.See again."
Ka Ca!
Leaf autumn one feet trampled to break from the neck of Ji's man, clean and neat.
Sighed tone, once turned face to say to the small white:"Life if is much some so ground the opponent is in fact also an interesting affair."
The small white didn't realize a leaf for autumn difficult to expressly exclamation, hand stretch hand to hold tight a leaf for autumn, carry to in the moment took a look.The eyebrows is tiny wrinkly.
Harmses not and seriously, is just some skin external injuries.If on the common Human body, take a rest a period of time, wipe a medicine every day, very quick will be getting better.But to a person who all wants to play a life with others at any time, but is very and dangerous.
At least, the small white knows, his this hand holds a gun and use)or is to throw stones, all not too convenience.Will also have certain influence to the strength and the quasi- head.
The superior comes to grips, having a little bit carelessly and then will cause.
The small white is from the pocket in take out a soil yellow of ancient plain small bottle of, pull out to open bottle stopper, poured the hand that some white powder Mos get hurt in the leaf autumn up.
That white powder Mo doesn't know is what medicine, on getting in touch with with skin, then Be disappeared to invisible.Then then feel icy cold crisp Yang of the wound of hand, be like there are a group of ants in the top and climb generally.
Ye Qiu knows that this is the flesh of wound to be disinfecting to grow.Don't know small white from where got the baby, afraid is this wound soon and then will be getting better.
"Where seek the medicine?"The autumn of the leaf smiles to ask a way.

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