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Headliner Market 2018 In-Depth Survey And Trend Research Report 鈥?Industry Forecast To 2027
by elizabethmock1248 · October 3 Russell Westbrook Thunder Jersey , 2018

Realizing high stiffness and light weight in automotive headliners has become the new normal among auto component manufacturers, which has emphasized studying arrangement in thickness direction and GF content. Increasing expansivity of automotive headliner is a key agenda behind these efforts. Recently developed ultra-light material (UL grade) has enabled realization of high elastic slope, while illustrating excellent dimensional stability and moldability. Such developments have further aligned well with weight reduction focus in automotive headliner.

Demand for automotive headliner rides the coattails of automobile manufacturers鈥?focus on improving the marketplace competitiveness, by equipping vehicles with full range of safety devices and convenience. Rising emphasis on reducing environmental footprint has resulted in weight reduction of auto components, and headliner is no exception.

Headliner substrate materials have witnessed continuous evolution over the years Raymond Felton Thunder Jersey , for catering transforming demands of the automotive industry with regard to structural requirements, design flexibility, acoustics properties, and aesthetics. Novel composite materials have been developed for headliner using long chopped glass fiber and polypropylene, which have been formulated for meeting application needs in automotive interiors. These new composites offer reduced environmental impacts Ray Allen Thunder Jersey , and better end-of-life recyclability compared to polyurethane substrates. Such new developments and automotive lightweighting trends will continue to impact development and demand for headliner in the upcoming years.

A composite material which is generally stick to inside area of roof of yachts or automobiles is called as headliners. Headlines are generally made of fabric with foam or nonwoven backing. The multilevel composite material used in headliners carried various functions together such as stiffness, look, sound reduction and feel, which is required in cars. Headliners are typically adjusted with the head impact counter measures. They can also assimilate extra lighting film made of LED behind the fabric. To provide soft and comfortable touch and a similar appearance, headliners are mostly made of tricot knit fabric. Due to heat and humidity Paul George Thunder Jersey , headliners can fail from the roof. This failure was common in cars which was produced in 1970s.
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